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Presenters spend months preparing and rehearsing for the perfect presentation. Will people remember what was said? Did everyone who should have seen the presentation actually see it? The value and effort need not be limited to only the people attending. The session can be live-streamed to thousands of people live, shown online subsequently or packaged into DVDs.

For presenters, recordings can be used as a valuable training tool for reviewing and fine-tuning while also providing footage to be used for future marketing endeavors.

There are many technical aspects such as lighting, capturing good audio, b-roll, recording the PPT, etc. that go into recording presentations that other video production companies tend to overlook.

With over 28 years of video production experience, we are extremely proficient at producing high-quality presentation and meeting videos... Here are examples.

Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce with Dean Heller
Meeting Video

IAME Vascular Lab Essentials
Educational Seminar

Scott Merritt
Seminar Video

With over 28 Years of  Professional Video Production Experience

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